Jul 17, 2014


My birthday is November 22.  I'm a Cusp; both a Scorpio and a Sagittarius.  Throughout my entire life, I always associated myself with Scorpio.  I'm not one to follow astrology.  In fact, I rarely look at it, but more recently when I have looked at my horoscope as a Scorpio, I sometimes can't see myself relating to it at all.  

A little while ago, as a result of Pinterest and others pinning posts of their sign, I took it upon myself to explore Sagittarius, my other sign.  I have to say, I was intrigued at how relative the horoscopes and traits were to my current life..  I've never researched what exactly it means to be a cusp, but I'm wondering if it's possible that it means that you will change who you are throughout the course of your life.  I've always felt that I'm changing, that I'm becoming a different person, that I've never truly reached my potential.  That, or I've been forcing myself to try to be a person that I was never meant to be.

Upon the little research that I have done, I have found out that my husband is also a Cusp.  When I read about the traits of a Capricorn, I grew a whole new appreciation for him.  

Like I said, I'm not an astrology nut, but I do wonder if it does play a significant role in who we are as people.  Perhaps with enough knowledge on which signs the people that we are close to are, we can appreciate and accept each other a little bit more....

Now it all makes perfect sence! NEPTUNE in SCORPIO; VENUS & MARS in CANCER in the 8th HOUSE OF SCORPIO. Yup thats me
Scorpio truth.

Jul 8, 2014


Certainly you all remember sweet little Penelope.  My adorable little drunk kitten?

Perhaps she started out too young...

Well, apparently, Penelope has reached all new levels of drunkeness and is passing out in rather inappropriate places.  I have found her in my towel drawer and on the printer.  She's constantly on random shelves, in the bathtub, and sometimes can only make it halfway up the stairs to her cat house.  

But these new antics of hers?  Well, things are getting a little bit ridiculous.  

Jun 25, 2014

Earning my beers.

Doing this:

So I can do this:

Kilometers so far this week: 13.75

Ikea Hack: Building a Storage Bed!

As I had mentioned in a previous post (Our Decision to Downsize), the feature that sold us on our new home was the extra attic/loft space that it provided us with.  Space that we knew we could use as a third bedroom so our boys wouldn't have to share.  I've been working on ideas for this space and, with the help of Ikea, we're almost done!

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a full/double sized captain's bed with 6 drawers on one side for under $1000.  This seemed to be a near impossible task, so we made one: