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I did it!

I completed my first half marathon on May 22, 2011! It was awesome.... and awful.... all at the same time! The crowd and all the runners were truly what kept me going. That and the fact that I had no idea where I was. It was run or live on the trails of Red Deer for the rest of my life. I chose to run! And run I did! My chip time for the race was 2:18!! Yay me!!
And now on to the next challenge! I registered for another half marathon for August 2011 in Edmonton. My goal time is 2:10. I can do this! Train, train, train......

Now isn't that funny....

I don't remember starting a blog. I would have never known that I was even in "blogger world" if it weren't for a post I made on CP's blog.

CP made a list of goals for 2011. That's what I posted on. I want to make a list of goals as well. I wonder if it's hard. Here goes....

In 2011 I my goals are:

- to live simpler. Spend less and enjoy what I have!
- to NOT have a birthday party for kids this year. This is part of living simpler. I will instead take my children on a weekend get a way of their choice.
- to not use a credit card that I can't pay off on the same day. Must use PC MC for major purchases so I can obtain uber amounts of PC points and reap the benefits of free groceries, but will pay off on same day.
- run in the Woody's Half Marathon
- to not go in debt for Christmas. Again, part of living simpler.
- pay of $12, 000 boiler @ $10,650
- return all rented movies on time and avoid late fees
- to think about effects …