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The cat made me do it...

This cat is damn lucky she's so cute.  After listening to her meow all evening, I, naturally, turned to the red wine.  A bottle later, she was much more tolerable!  I'm going to assume that she cried for most of the night.  Thankfully,  my wine induced sleep prevented me from hearing her.  
It's only night's only night 3......
With most everything in the world, there is always an upside to things.  The super-cute-annoying-kitten-meow is at least helping me get my butt out of bed in the morning and hit the treadmill!  I'm not exactly sure how far or long I went today.  I do recall the miles being over 3.5 and the time being somewhere in the low 30s when my headphone cord pulled the safety out of the treadmill.  I took that as sign to end the run.  It was a good run, but I am mighty sore.  I'm glad that I could start back at this now and get my muscles working again before marathon training commences in January!! 

I'm going keep track of my miles to se…

In pain and with kitten.

I was 5 weeks and 5 days post-op when I felt that I could run again!  I wanted to run sooner, but complications with my recovery prevented me from doing so.  
I hurt.  No, I really effing hurt.
It's been 6 weeks since my last run and my thighs and core are acting like they've never seen a treadmill before.  Maybe I pushed myself a little.  Maybe.  Ok, I did.  I ran full pace for 30 minutes and only stopped because I had to get ready for work.  Thankfully.  I fear I would have ran a 1/2 marathon before I stopped and then I wouldn't even be able to walk to the computer to type this post for you to read.  My inner thighs are so tender that I don't even want to cross my legs, and my core threatens to tear apart every time I cough or laugh.  I definitely did not expect this.
I am intending on running again tomorrow morning.  Going for 40 minutes this time!  Maybe...
There's one other complication.
I decided to get a kitten.  A really cute kitten that totally supports (and …

Guess what I won??

Guess what I won?  Guess what I won?
It's a Margaritaville!!!
Yes I did!
My girlfriends and I went out to our local Festival of Light's Dessert First Night this week.  It was horrible.  Boring as hell.  I felt terrible for the first timers that have never gone before (like me) and weren't with anyone that had ever gone before (luckily I was).  There wasn't a host/MC, no instruction as to how the night was to go (other than the admission table telling you what table you were at), they didn't even play Christmas music.  What total waste of $20.  The ticket didn't even get you a free had to pay extra for that.  Total crap.
Just when I though the night was a total bust.  It happened.  My name was called for the only item I paid to enter my name into.  My single, lonely, accordion folded ticket was pulled out and I won a MARGARITAVILLE!! 

It was probably one of the best nights of my life.
It's gonna be a drunk, drunk running season.

The SnowFlake Necklace.

Yet again my blog has been left unattended to for days and days and days.....
I have nothing to write that is running or drinking related.  I do have a funny story to share though!!

Background story:  The first year that my husband and I were together, he bought me a heart locket for Christmas.
The second year that my husband I were together, he bought me a heart locket for Christmas.
The third year......get it???  Okay....

So THIS year (year 12), our local jewellery store places their annual flyer on our door.  In it I find a snowflake necklace that I LOVE!!!
I bring the flyer to the dining room table and show my 2 boys, 5 and 7, and my husband my deepest Christmas desires.
I then explain, kindly, to my children that mommy doesn't really like hearts and to keep that in mind for future presents.  Stars, diamonds, and, especially, snowflakes are great though!!
We finish our supper and proceed with our evening plans of grocery shopping.
After we're done at the store, we drive around to lo…

I am the worst blogger ever, but I now have a flat stomach...

I'm still very bad at blogging.  Life gets away on that I'm actually living a life and not spending all of my time on the internet.  Here's what's happening now:
I'm NOT runningI am almost 2 weeks post op I'm unsure of how I feel about my decision to have this surgeryI really want to get back in the gym.

On October 31st while all of the other moms were handing out candy and taking their cute little monsters door to door to trick or treat, I was laying in a hospital bed waking up from a Panniculectomy.  What is that, you ask?  It's, essentially, a budget tummy tuck.  I had all of the loose skin that was hanging off of my stomach after having children and losing 60 pounds removed.  The skin is gone, my staples are out, and the stitches come out tomorrow.  I'm trying not to form an opinion on the result quite yet.  It's still fairly early in the game and I can't tell the difference between swelling and fat.  I'm not comfortable with the p…

Where have I been all this time??

It's been too long since I last posted.  I really need to get with the program.  Here are a few highlights of my current happenings:
- I've been spending A LOT of time working on my house lately.  I recently completed my dining room makeover (I'll blog before and after pics soon!).   Next up: Kitchen Makeover!
- Planning and planning my son's 7th birthday party!
- Getting my butt back in gear.  Completed an awesome 7 mile last Saturday.  8 this Saturday!
- My relationship with Merlot is going strong.  We really do get a long great!
- Colder weather means HOT TUB SEASON!!  So excited!
-Considering blogging "50 questions that will free your mind"  as The Capillary did.   Maybe.  The Capillary sounded awfully bored by this by the end....granted she did one question every day.  Rather monotonous I would assume.
Stay tuned!  Much more to come!  I PROMISE to blog  THE CAESAR by the end of the weeked!

The Pink Dreamsicle!

Oh, she's a beauty and one of the loves of my life!  
The Pink Dreamsicle!

How to do it:
1/2 can of Frozen Pink Lemonade 2 ounces of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka 2 ounces of water Approx. 2 cups crushed ice
Blend and enjoy!
Add a bit more vodka if you find it is a bit too thick.

I can't do it.

I can't do it.  I can't not work out.  It just doesn't work for me at all.  I need to work out because if I don't, I'll get fat.  I can't be fat.  I need to lose 10 pounds.
I just googled "how to lose 10 pounds in a month".  It looks do-able.  Eat healthy, light foods.  Limit the carbs, decrease the fat, and workout 6 days a week.  Starting tomorrow.  Today, I'm drinking.
I should get up early to work out....hmmm.....

Fresh, whole beer.

I choose an odd time to start this blog as I'm currently taking a small break from running.  I am awaiting a surgery in October that will take me off of the road for about 6 weeks.  
Because I don't have any goals to train for right now (and really, what's the fun in working out if it's not for a goal), I'm focusing on my eating habits.
I have been struggling with "dieting" for quite a long time now.  Not that I'm overweight or anything.  Just my "diet"  in general. There are very few people in this world that are 100% happy with their bodies.  I'm not one of them.  I always think I have another 10 pounds to lose, regardless of what my weight is.  Quite often I'll make the decision to " do it" .  I've only ever actually accomplished losing 10 pounds one time.  It was awful.  I was so hungry....
  I don't think it's very healthy for our minds to always be fixated on eating, or not eating, all day, all the time.  Alm…

The Bottle Cap Slushy

I'm rather amazed that my first drink recipe isn't a Caesar.  I can make a mean Caesar.  I guess you'll all just have to wait for that one.
Right now I present one of my best creations yet....
The Bottle Cap Slushy.

Most of you will remember when bars used to have $1 shots.  They were generally an "Electric Popsicle" or a "Bottle Cap".  I loved the Bottle Caps!  After learning how to make them, I stumbled across the required ingredients to make this amazing concoction!!
1/2 can of frozen limeade 2 ounces of Pinnacle Root Beer Vodka 2 ounces of water approx. 2 cups of crushed ice
If you added too much ice, add another 1/2 to full ounce of the vodka.

And last, but not least, the conversation that occurred during tonight's slushy drink:
Me:   My children are driving me crazy. LWW:   Kids don't drive mom's drive SOBER mom's crazy!! Have a drink!  Me:  Oh, I did. A slushy one at that. I couldn't decided what to d…

The Dinosaur Medal

The Dinosaur Medal.

I didn't plan to be drunk last night.  In fact, I was quite adamant that I was going to have ONE caesar with supper and that was it.  Oh, but then the red wine was there intriguing me, begging me to drink it.  I love red wine.  Love it.  Before I knew it we were on to bottle number 4 and I was drunk.  Again.  
But it was so worth it.  
If I were to run this race not hungover, I wouldn't have any entertaining stories to tell.  It would just be another race.  10km was a lot harder than I expected hungover.  I did great up until kilometer 3 and then it all kind of went to hell from there.
I felt fairly not too hungover when the day first started out.  Coffee and conversations with my running partner kept me very optimistic.  After, finally, finding the place that we needed to go to get our race package, our day became amazing.  First, we got to take a shuttle to the race!  I love shuttles.  They make me feel like I'm part of something bigger.  After we arrived…

Drunk dinosaurs are always a good time.

It is 6:05am and I am sitting here writing this post while I figure out if I am a) hungover; b) still drunk; or c)good to go.  Part of me thinks that I should regret the 4 bottles of wine that I shared with D last night, and the other part is laughing at how awesome it is to be able to have that much fun and still wake up on time to run with dinosaurs.  (Side note:  I didn't have a CLUE why my alarm was going off this morning) Off I go to run with dinosaurs and bring home a wicked cool medal!   I should make some coffee....

Run, Run, Run for the hills.....

I've been struggling with this blog for a couple of years now.  I just never know what to write.  I want to write and I want to blog, but I've never had anything that I've felt passionate enough about to write more than one post on (except for my hatred towards most of the human race...but who wants to be that negative all the time?)
I think I've finally found something that I can focus on... RUNNING.
I've been a runner for a few years now.  Sometimes I feel like a super star, and sometimes I feel like a poser.  It comes and and it goes.  Obviously, based on how/if I'm training.  My running resume consists of a 5km race (my first race ever), 2 half marathons, and Mud Hero (6km of pure fun!!!).  Tomorrow I will be running in the Dinosaur 10km.  I'm only doing it for the medal.. There's a dinosaur on it!
My super awesome and inspiring running partner, A, brought up the insane idea of running a full marathon next year (2013).  I thought it was a great idea...…

30 before 30?

It seems when people are about to turn 30 they make a "30 things to do before I'm 30" list.  My 30th birthday isn't all that far away.  I do have to turn 29 first, but after that it's the big 3-0.  I only really ever had one goal in my mind for 30: to look and feel the best I ever have.  I made this goal when I was 27.  I was doing great....until I wasn't.  I started living a not-so-healthy way to lose some weight and "look good".  I barely ate a thing and over-exercised.  I dropped my weight down to 132 pounds.  And then I got really hungry and gained 8 of those back.  Sitting at 140 was ok, but I still felt like I wanted to lose fat and build muscle.  I am now at 145 pounds and feel like crap.  I completely let myself go.  Last month, I weighed in at 150 and WOKE UP!!  5 pounds of that is's time for the rest to go.  I don't have a goal weight in mind, but I do have a goal body.  I have 15 months to get there!!
I'm not sure i…