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Where have I been all this time??

It's been too long since I last posted.  I really need to get with the program.  Here are a few highlights of my current happenings:
- I've been spending A LOT of time working on my house lately.  I recently completed my dining room makeover (I'll blog before and after pics soon!).   Next up: Kitchen Makeover!
- Planning and planning my son's 7th birthday party!
- Getting my butt back in gear.  Completed an awesome 7 mile last Saturday.  8 this Saturday!
- My relationship with Merlot is going strong.  We really do get a long great!
- Colder weather means HOT TUB SEASON!!  So excited!
-Considering blogging "50 questions that will free your mind"  as The Capillary did.   Maybe.  The Capillary sounded awfully bored by this by the end....granted she did one question every day.  Rather monotonous I would assume.
Stay tuned!  Much more to come!  I PROMISE to blog  THE CAESAR by the end of the weeked!