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Guess what I won??

Guess what I won?  Guess what I won?
It's a Margaritaville!!!
Yes I did!
My girlfriends and I went out to our local Festival of Light's Dessert First Night this week.  It was horrible.  Boring as hell.  I felt terrible for the first timers that have never gone before (like me) and weren't with anyone that had ever gone before (luckily I was).  There wasn't a host/MC, no instruction as to how the night was to go (other than the admission table telling you what table you were at), they didn't even play Christmas music.  What total waste of $20.  The ticket didn't even get you a free had to pay extra for that.  Total crap.
Just when I though the night was a total bust.  It happened.  My name was called for the only item I paid to enter my name into.  My single, lonely, accordion folded ticket was pulled out and I won a MARGARITAVILLE!! 

It was probably one of the best nights of my life.
It's gonna be a drunk, drunk running season.

The SnowFlake Necklace.

Yet again my blog has been left unattended to for days and days and days.....
I have nothing to write that is running or drinking related.  I do have a funny story to share though!!

Background story:  The first year that my husband and I were together, he bought me a heart locket for Christmas.
The second year that my husband I were together, he bought me a heart locket for Christmas.
The third year......get it???  Okay....

So THIS year (year 12), our local jewellery store places their annual flyer on our door.  In it I find a snowflake necklace that I LOVE!!!
I bring the flyer to the dining room table and show my 2 boys, 5 and 7, and my husband my deepest Christmas desires.
I then explain, kindly, to my children that mommy doesn't really like hearts and to keep that in mind for future presents.  Stars, diamonds, and, especially, snowflakes are great though!!
We finish our supper and proceed with our evening plans of grocery shopping.
After we're done at the store, we drive around to lo…

I am the worst blogger ever, but I now have a flat stomach...

I'm still very bad at blogging.  Life gets away on that I'm actually living a life and not spending all of my time on the internet.  Here's what's happening now:
I'm NOT runningI am almost 2 weeks post op I'm unsure of how I feel about my decision to have this surgeryI really want to get back in the gym.

On October 31st while all of the other moms were handing out candy and taking their cute little monsters door to door to trick or treat, I was laying in a hospital bed waking up from a Panniculectomy.  What is that, you ask?  It's, essentially, a budget tummy tuck.  I had all of the loose skin that was hanging off of my stomach after having children and losing 60 pounds removed.  The skin is gone, my staples are out, and the stitches come out tomorrow.  I'm trying not to form an opinion on the result quite yet.  It's still fairly early in the game and I can't tell the difference between swelling and fat.  I'm not comfortable with the p…