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Mind, you are an alcoholic.

Week 1 is done and therefore I should have reached all my goals, right?
Well I feel like I should have.  Week 1 was good.  Week 1 was fairly easy.  I ate right, I trained right, and therefore I should have lost the 12 pounds that I want to lose and should be good to go for this marathon in May!  
Ha!  If only is was that easy. 
Now I'm on Week 2 and my mind is already slipping back into it's old ways...... 'Sure you can eat a chocolate bar every day, you're running 18 miles this week'........'Of course you can have a few glasses of red wine while you cook supper.  You won't be able to run until at least 8 anyways'......'You might as well get drunk after your run.  You've burned off all the calories already'
GO AWAY MIND!  You are wrong.  And an alcoholic  You are a wrong alcoholic.
I have to go and get my little 3 miler in before my mind takes over and I end up a slobbering mess trying to find the auto-pilot button on the treadmill.

I should pro…

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Remember that THE DRUNK RUNNER referred you!

Drink Up!

It's SATURDAY!  You know what that means!  

( don't, but from now on I will be posting my weekly running wrap up as well as a new drink recipe for you try while celebrating)

The Wrap Up:
16 running miles : 3, 5, 8
My 3 mile run was rather easy.  The 5 miler was a good run, but I cramped up at about 3.5 miles and had to walk for .25

Pina Coladas and the pool.

Week 1 of marathon training is going well, but so far I've done more swimming than running.  It feels really good though!   On Monday I swam 30 lengths (25 meters), Tuesday I did my 3 mile run, and today I swam 40 lengths.  The best part of swimming is still the awesome stretching at the end of it all.  Tomorrow is a 5 mile run and then 8 miles on Saturday.  I'm a little worried about the 8 miles.  I guess I'll just take it slow and steady.  I'm already

Marathon Training: Week 1

I woke up this morning to a reminder on my Google calendar that stated "3 miles".  3 miles?  What?  How did this happen?  How does marathon training start TODAY??  Aaaahhhhhh......
3 miles.  It's only 3 miles.  I can do that!
In other news:  I've decided to take up swimming again.  It feels great!  I think swimming will be a great cross-train for my running.  The stretching in the pool afterwards are some of the best stretches I've ever had.  I think I'll stay sober for this one.  I watched a fat, drunk man pass out in a public pool once.  It was very unattractive.
Looked kind of like this, but drunker.

Bring on week 1.