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A Gargantuan Flash Fiction

It's Flash Fiction time again.  I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right, but at least I AM doing it!  This week's challenge was 'Gargantuan' and 500 words.  The deadline is today.  I started this an hour ago so it won't be the greatest, but it is at least done and I won't have to send postcards (the consequence of not finishing)!!!
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......what is going on with me?  These past two weeks have completely sucked.  I completed by 11 mile run last Friday evening and then took the rest of the weekend off.  Monday was a holiday here in Alberta, so I thought I would be super extra nice to myself and give myself that day off as well (truth is, I had to make a Caesar for my post on Monday and I kind of drank a few and got drunk....oops).  Tuesday I was pressed for time and only had 20 minutes to run.  It all went to hell from there.  Wednesday I came down with the flu/cold from hell and I haven't had the energy or desire to step on my treadmill since.
Tomorrow morning I have a 12 mile run scheduled.  I think for the sake of my lungs, I'll postpone until Sunday.

The Caesar - by BitchyD

The best part about doing my long run on Friday night was having the rest of the weekend to totally relax and partake in the drinking of the alcohol!  This weekend I chose to bask in the glory of my Caesars!
I had promised that I would post my most favorite Caesar recipe quite some time ago and then I completely forgot (and none of you assholes reminded me).  I have a few recipes that I thoroughly enjoy, but after my friend Randa with The Bewitchin' Kitchen passed on some Caesar ingredients for me to try and review, my absolute favorite is now this:

Drinking > Running

Ugh...what a week.  Not a good week.  A very drunk week instead.  I've been dealing with a lot of personal things lately and this week it all really affected me.
Monday: Supposed to swim.  Partner couldn't go.  Drank wine instead.

Operation Hot Husband

On Tuesday, I had a fast and short (3 miles) run scheduled.  I was only able to run 0.8 miles until I had to stop due to my gag reflex getting the best of me.  Here's what went down (from the beginning):
I've been hassling my husband to get his ass into the gym for quite some time now.  He's attempted working out a few times, but never knows what to do so he quits.  I've tried setting him up with a personal trainer and he did go a few times, but he quit as he felt he didn't have time to go.  He also didn't even really attempt to complete the assigned work- outs on his own.

Bring on Week 4

It's Monday and the beginning of Week 4!  I'm excited about training again and feel very motivated.  This is likely due to my awesome 6 mile run last night!
My long run is 11 miles this week.  I would, ideally, like to do this run outside and I'm going to try my hardest to!  Saturday's forecast is sunny and a high of +1!  I haven't been out on the trails yet this year, but I'm hoping that they are clear and dry.
I am also hoping to participate in another writing challenge this week.  I really enjoyed writing last week!  Something I need to do more of for sure.
My head is all over the place lately.  I'm not happy, but I'm not sad.  I feel numb, but content.  I have a feeling that my goals are taking over my mind.  This must be what it feels like to be so focussed on a goal that not much else matters...

Completely not running related...

The Capillary challenged me, Terias McKlay, and Crystal Kirkham to a flash fiction challenge.  My readers don't know this yet, but I quite enjoy writing.  I have no idea if I am good at it or not, but I thought it would be fun to accept this challenge.

The challenge:

-Flash Fiction/500 words
-Must include "coffee"
-Posted by Sunday Feb 10, 2013

Loser (those that didn't post) has to send out postcards to all other participants.  (I have to admit, I kind of wanted to lose.  I like postcards!)

I don't know if I did right.  After I finished writing, I kind of thought that the story needed to be complete.  Mine leaves you hanging.  Oh well.  Here is my first ever Flash Fiction Challenge.

I'm using the F word.

Fuck it.  I'll do my long run in the morning.....hungover.  Tonight I am doing this:

Week 3 Wrap Up & Drink Up

This week has sucked.   Actually, things have sucked since about last Thursday when my computer finally died (hence no Drink Up! post on Saturday).  My computer is back and now so are my posts!
This week:

Every. Night.

I drank all the vodka.

I'm definitely needing some motivation this week.  It's Week 3 Day 1 and I'm already questioning my desire to complete this marathon.  I had given in to my inner alcoholic and found myself at the bottom of a vodka bottle last night (oh, fine...there was only 2 ounces left in it when I started, but still....).  I gorged on chocolate and banana bread batter, drank my Sweet Carolina's Iced Tea Vodka with Club Soda and went to bed depressed and lacking motive.  
I woke up no better.  
Ahhhh.....hopefully this will soon pass.  I should be grateful for this week.  It's the easiest one of them all....

Week 2

Week 2 went well.  A few ups and downs.  

How it went down:

Monday: Swimming day....sort of.  I only did 25 lengths and then fell into the hot tub.
Tuesday:  Awesome 3 mile!!  Ran it in my fastest time yet.  Legs were a bit sore, but I felt great!
Wednesday: Great swim!  Went with a different friend and raced 30 lengths!
Thursday: The plan was 5 miles, was goal was 6, reality was 4.  My knee wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I best take it easy opposed to pushing myself for one more mile and not being able to do the long run.
Friday: Rest Day!
Saturday: 9 miles!  Went well.  Definitely need to look into energy gels and supplements.  The first six miles were amazing.  I was on fire!  Daydreaming of the big day and the entire world cheering me on.  And then I totally crashed.  Mile 7 was BRUTAL.  I jumped off the treadmill and rifled through my bag until I found a crappy, old energy gel.  It was disgusting and I kind of wanted to spit it out all over the gym floor, BUT I kept it do…