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A Gargantuan Flash Fiction

It's Flash Fiction time again.  I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right, but at least I AM doing it!  This week's challenge was 'Gargantuan' and 500 words.  The deadline is today.  I started this an hour ago so it won't be the greatest, but it is at least done and I won't have to send postcards (the consequence of not finishing)!!!

A Gargantuan Inheritance 
-Britney DeVries

By the time I wanted to change my life, I had made it into one massive, gargantuan mess.  Fancy dinners every evening were followed by incredible parties every night which ended in me picking up the tab for everything, every night.  I never imagined that my one million dollar inheritance would have gone by so fast.  If I could do it all again, I would do it oh so differently.

I could hear my cell phone ringing, but I didn’t have a clue as to where it could be.  Ignoring it, I stumbled over to the kitchen to find some much needed water before I made my way to my laptop to see how truly fucked my bank account really was.  $247. Shit.  $247 minus my $1400 condo fee, minus the electrical bill, the phone bill, the Visa bill, and to buy me an amazing gown to win over my dream man at the biggest party of the year this weekend.  One million dollars and 10 months later and I was in worse shape than I was before my grandfather’s inheritance. 

My cell phone rang again.  I made my way through my disastrous, after-party living room and found it on the coffee table.  It was the bank calling.  Great.  I guess if I was going to deal with this, I should just get it over with now. 

“Hello, this is Kat Harper” I tried to sound as professional and confident as I could.

“Yes, Ms. Harper.  This is Lane Brander calling from the Toronto Dominion Bank.  We have a few questions regarding your account.  Are you able to come in for an appointment this morning at 10?

“Yes, sir.  I will be there at 10” Shit.  I already knew how this meeting was going to end: me selling the condo and the BMW and probably getting a job.

I arrived at the bank 10 minutes before I was supposed to meet with Mr. Brander.  I hadn’t even made it to reception when a short, round lady in a green polo approached me.

“Ms. Harper, Mr. Brander will see you upstairs.  You can follow me”

I never imagined that an umpa lumpa in green would be leading me to my demise.  She lead me to a gorgeous, mahogany filled office with the most amazing view of the city I had ever seen.

“Look, I know where this is going” I started to speak without even thinking. “I’ve been careless and irresponsible with my money, I know.  But I promise I can do better if I can just get a loan or some more money from somewhere.  I’ll stop partying and I’ll stop spending so carelessly.  Please, if you can just help me” At some point in my plea, I had started crying.

A blinked away the tears as a tall, dark figure entered the room.

“Actually, Ms. Harper.  I called you in today to discuss the remainder of your inheritance.  The rest of the ten million is now available to you.”

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  1. I love the reference to oompa loompas! I liked that.

  2. Sup hommie, you got an award:

    1. I'm excited to find out what this means!!!! :D

  3. Wow that's SO lucky. I hope she did learn her lesson this time. :-)


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