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Someone give me a damn trophy already...


I’m a really good drinker.  Like…super good.  If there were awards for good drinkers, I could win some.  Sometimes I think that maybe I should be less of a really good drinker and let someone else get the good drinker awards, but then I think “mmmm….maybe not…I’m pretty good”

My new running jam!

I just came across this song recently and can't stop listening to it! (I know, I's been out for FOREVER.  I've just recently become a Luke Bryan fan though....SO THERE).   I absolutely love the lyrics .  It will definitely be on my playlist a few times for my half marathon this year!
I wish there was an actual music video for it.  (maybe there is and I'm just THAT slow)

I just had to share!
And yes, I run to country.

Shoes > Beer

After making the decision to run the half instead of the full this year, I ran my first half-marathon training long run in my new shoes!  I've been in need of new shoes since the beginning of the training season, but due to accidentally spending all of my  money on tequiladue to small town living, it's taken me this long to actually get to the city and buy a new pair.

I tried on several different brands and styles and ended up going with my old faithful brand, Saucony.  This time I bought 2 different pairs to try .  One pair is their Virratas and the others are their new Kinvara 3s.  I ran last year in Saucony Kinvara 2s and loved them. 

Lost and Found

I came across this quote that was posted by Run The Edge.  I think it can be interpreted a few different ways.  It spoke to me as I do feel that I am losing myself while on this journey to my marathon.  I'm losing my happiness, I'm losing my relationships with my family and friends, and I'm losing my sanity. 

Keep Calm and Go For a Run...or a drink...or something like that.

I have been struggling for the past month with my running (as you can probably tell by my lack of witty posts and my decline in Twitter followers).  I've had some minor physical issues (cramps, tight IT band, tender knees), but the main problem has been my mind.  Basically, I don't have one anymore.  My 7 and 5 year old boys have ruined my brain.  They've taken out each individual brain cell and ran over if with their over-sized Tonka trucks and then picked it up and fed it to the cats.  My brain is broken.

That is all.

Better late than never!

The Capillary received a Liebster Award.  Actually, she received two.  Part of her challenge was to tag 11 followers and ask them a series of questions.  I like questions, so chose to participate. 

I didn't receive this, but it looks pretty!

Week 7

The happenings of Week 7:  

Drunk in the Mud.

On July 22, 2012 I ran my first hangover race.  The race was a 6km obstacle course called Mud Hero.  We were out camping the day before with our newly acquired Sea-doo.  Dozens of jello shots and a case of beer later, I found myself the life of the party and was raring to keep going.  Ah, but I had to run in the morning...errr...afternoon.  In 30 degree celsius weather.

I feel fat and out of shape

It's time to get it together!  I took an almost two week hiatus from running due to having the flu and then a terrible cold.  I'm still not 100%, but I'm good enough to get back into it. 
I was supposed to do my 9 mile run yesterday, but I was far too hungover wasn't quite feeling it, so I opted to postpone it until Sunday.  This run was hard.  Mainly because it was my first run getting back into it.