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Drunk in the Mud.

On July 22, 2012 I ran my first hangover race.  The race was a 6km obstacle course called Mud Hero.  We were out camping the day before with our newly acquired Sea-doo.  Dozens of jello shots and a case of beer later, I found myself the life of the party and was raring to keep going.  Ah, but I had to run in the morning...errr...afternoon.  In 30 degree celsius weather.

The race was 4 hours from home so not only did I wake up with the inability to stand in one spot without tipping over, I then had to ride in a vehicle for 4 hours while pretending that I wasn't hungover.  My group was taking this race rather seriously.  8 bottles of ice tea and a massive Subway sandwich later, I was in half ass racing shape.

The race itself was absolutely fantastic.  While some people were complaining about the wait times to complete an obstacle, I was thanking the drinking gods for having my back.  I was also extremely thankful to be running with a newbie that was cramping up.  She felt terrible for holding me back.  I felt terrible admitting that I appreciated it.  6 km and a few cargo nets, hay bails, junk yard cars, and inflatable slides later, we were at the finish line, wading our way through a pool of mud to get to the finish line.  What a surprise we had when we got there.  Not only did we get a medal, we also go to trade in our timing chip for an ice cold Molson Canadian beer. 

 Wearing sunglasses so nobody can see my bloodshot eyes.
 All these people and not one of them look as hungover as I feel....
 Okay, I'll run if I get to go down the slide.
 I finished.  This is how hangover legs pose.
Seriously, legs, lay off the booze...
One day my body will know how to react to a camera.

This year I'll be running in Mud Hero in Red Deer on August 10th.  Likely hungover....maybe even a little bit drunk. I'll also probably be the crazy bag lady, begging for timing chips.


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