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Jose! Jose! Jose!

I’m rather appalled that I’m fixated on Jiggle as my J word, so I’m resorting back to the original plan:

Jose Cuervo. 

Mmmmm….tequila.  My absolute FAVORITE of all alcohols!  Sometimes I consider filling one of my fuel belt bottles with tequila and rewarding myself with a shot every mile.  Ah, but then I’d be 7 ounces of tequila in, 7 miles away from home, and drunk as shit.   (yes, I realize that I could loop around to come back home, but where’s the story in that??)

Unfortunately, during my A-Z Commit to be Fit Challenge, I’ve been having to limit my alcohol consumption.  Not abstain though.
F that.

Oh, truly do complete me!


  1. If you have a Twitter account .... please e-mail it to me ... I love your blog and want to follow you on Twitter

    1. I moved my twitter button higher up on the page so hopefully it's easier to find now! I really only tweet when I'm drunk...

  2. Oh dear tequila, bad bad memories!

    1. At least you can remember the memories....ha ha!!

  3. Oh man!!! Tequila is my fav too!! Good times... Good times...


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

    1. I know! Your Mexican bus excursion is one of my favorite stories of all time!

  4. Ah, but then I’d be 7 ounces of tequila in, 7 miles away from home, and drunk as shit

    You say that as if it were a bad thing!


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