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The Pink Bitch

I noticed that I've had SIX page views today.  You were probably all waiting for my new drink recipe that I promised on Wednesday!
I'm sure that you've all heard of Beer Margaritas or Beergaritas.  Well, we've grown to greatly appreciate them.  While we were out camping this past weekend, we enjoyed a jug of Beer Margaritas with some new friends.  I went into the trailer to make another jug and tragedy struck: we were out of Limeade.  But...we had a couple cans of Pink Lemonade.  My semi-drunk self thought "what the hell....let's give it a try".  I passed on the tequila and checked the liquor cabinet for something a bit sweeter.  We were all impressed with my wicked invention!
   I present:
The Pink Bitch

Moving on.

I had intended on giving myself a one week break from blogging after the A-Z Challenge.  Apparently, I have absolutely no concept of time.  Hope everyone had a good May!
You're probably wondering how the race went.  I'm kind of wondering too.  I was drunk as shit and passed out around kilometer 9 and then woke up at Arby's.....