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Drunken Jenga

My husband and I are avid game players, as well as avid drinkers.  What could possibly be better than turning Jenga into a drinking game?

Making the game takes a little bit of time.  Each block needs an instruction.  The rules below allow for 3 blocks of each rule, with 3 blank blocks.  You can leave the last 3 blank, pick your 3 favorite rules to use again, or make up 3 completely random rules!  Try to use a permanent pen that doesn't bleed too much.  Write in large block letters.  Once you have the blocks all written out, you're ready for Drunken Jenga! 

Rules of Drunken Jenga

1)The person who knocks down the tower must finish their entire drink

2)You may not touch the tower at any time if it is not your turn

4)You may not touch the player who’s turn it is during their turn

5)If the tower falls because you shook or 
bumped the table, you must finish all the drinks on the table

6)If you are sitting at the table, you are playing 
the game. 

 7)If you are standing and watching the game, you must drink 
when the block instructs (you may also be “given” drinks)

Heads Up – Do not read this out loud.  Toss block to someone not expecting the block.  If they catch it, you drink.  If they don’t, they drink.
Bodyguard – choose someone to be your bodyguard.  They must drink your drinks for the next 2 rounds.
Drink 1 – take one drink
Drink 2 and Redo – take 2 drinks and pull another block
Give 1 – pick a player to take a drink
Give 2 – pick a player to take 2 drinks, or 2 players to each take one drink
Play Again – you must remove another block
Lefty/Righty – use only your opposite hand for you next turn
Girls Drink – all girls at the table drink
Guys Drink – all guys at the table drink
Freebie – skip your next turn and all drinks in between your turns.
Rock/Paper/Scissors – everyone plays and takes a drink for every player that beats them
Do over – put the block back where you got it from and take a different one
Good Times – Everybody drinks!
Not it! – Do not read this out loud.  The last person to touch their finger to their nose takes a drink.
Drinking Buddy – pick a partner to drink with you for your next drink.  
Bartender – you are the bartender until the end of the game or until someone else pulls the Bartender block.


  1. Replies
    1. Have you played it! We had such a blast with it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the pin! You're gonna be one hung over girl after you try this one out!

  3. This makes me wish my husband drank too!! Looks like fun!



    1. I don't know what to do around people that don't drink, let alone live with one! Good on you! I now understand the solo Tequila trip!! ha ha!!

  4. It is more fun if you play it like the game waterfall you take all the rules of waterfall and write in blocks so you have rymes,categories,rules,thumb master,hoes,dicks etc it is way more fun

    1. Never heard of it! I'll have to do some research it seems! Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Love it! I added some of my own stuff too, like taking off clothes and others! :)

    1. I hope my husband never reads this comment! ha ha!! ;)

  6. Love it! I'm adding some of my own too, like take off a piece of clothing! thanks for the post and idea! :)


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