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10 years down.

This is favorite quote.  It is so true.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years this summer. I think back on my life and try to reminisce on our early years and I can honestly tell you that I don't remember them.  No, not because I was totally shit faced and wasn't on Facebook yet to look back on drunken statuses and bar pictures, but because none of it was memorable.  I didn't live my life for me. We didn't  live our life for us. I lived it the way I felt society told me I should.  I had "mom friends".  I did "mom things".  I stressed about a clean house and what my neighbors thought of our yard.  I fought with my husband because he didn't wash the car when I thought it needed it, and because his garage didn't look organized when the door was open.  We fought.  We yelled.  We swore at each other and often threatened to leave one another.  We were the definition of unhappy.  What kind of life was that?  Where were the memories?  Where was my life?  Where was our life?

In 2011, I met a friend that taught me how to have fun and enjoy life.  Not just fun for me, but fun for my husband and the whole family.  She showed me that experiencing life was more important than keeping up appearances.  She taught me to take some stress off myself, let the kids run naked and hire a damn housekeeper to allow myself more freedom.  Was that the key? Naked kids and a maid?  Absolutely!!!  

Well, it was a start at least!  A start that lead to less stress, happiness, a better marriage, a healthy-er-ish sex life, a happy family with happy kids, a desire to do more, and an instant craving to live life to it's fullest.

In the past two years, we have spent weeks camping as a family, we have been Houseboating on the Shuswap twice, we've been to Vegas and Cuba, we've been to comedy clubs and watched dueling pianos, we've learned to love the water after buying Seadoos, we're learning how to wakeboard.  We've ran races together, spent hours in the hot tub together, we've found great friends and built strong relationships.  We've had a messy house more often than not, we slept on sheets that weren't changed every week, we ordered pizza at 8pm because we forgot to make supper, we kept kids home from school because we were all up too late playing hide and seek, we've cancelled on events that we didn't want to go to because the beach was calling our name.  We lost our routine, forgot to care about what other people thought, and began our lives!

Here's to 10 years, Big G!!


  1. Very nice post Britney. It reminded me I need a maid....and I still have to check out Dueling Pianos hahaha.

    I need to work on me being so high strung. It will be next years resolution ;)

    This years was to speak my mind a little more - I'm failing.

  2. Cheers to the next 10 years. They'll get even better.

  3. I love this post. I hope the next 10 just keep getting better and better. And thanks for the tip on how to have a good marriage...if I ever get there.


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