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Summer, camp fires and way too much beer....

Well, here I am.  Back at where I started with my fitness and weight loss goals.  I'm rather disappointed in myself.  Especially when I see the rest of my support group's continuing success.  

Back in June, I hit my weight loss goal!  I was eating clean, exercising, and was generally happy.  I felt good and I knew I looked good which, in turn, made me feel even better.  I had finally lost 'the last 10 pounds' and was working on muscle tone, strength and endurance.

And then it all went to shit....

Camping season started and as much as I was determined to maintain my weight and continue with exercise, all it took was one Chelada and a hot dog and my ass was parked on the beach for 2 months.  I lost my muscle tone, gained back the weight, and felt heavy and gross.  I wanted to drink beer with my friends around a campfire.  I wanted to go on drunken walks down the beach.  I wanted to float on our massive party island with a jug of margaritas by my side.  Ahhh....summer...

My good friend, The Capillary, has told me to stop being so hard on myself.  When I really think about it, I'm only being hard on myself because of the success I see with her, The Bewitchin' Kitchen and Benefit with Claudia.  Damn, these girls look smokin'!  I need to get it together so I can get to where they're at.  Well, not quite to where Claudia is at.  That girl has more determination than my mind even knows how to define!  

I don't look to others for sympathy when I'm lazy. Because they don't want to hear it.??#hardcore #slim #notlazy #mentallystrong #physically #Inspiration #Training #Motivation #neverquit #neverstop #neversurrender #nevergivein #nevergiveup #pushthough #bestrong #digdeep. #youwill #unstoppable #youcan #iwill #succeeding #workhard #sweatharder #eatclean #weightloss

So, onto how I'll fix this....

I had recently read somewhere that one of the main reasons that we find we don't meet our goals is because we make goals that are out of our control.  "I will weigh 135 by the end of the month" or "I will achieve a 26" waist by Christmas".  These are not goals that we can ensure that we will meet.  Instead our goals should be about the elements that we can control and hopefully lead to these results. 

So here are my new goals to achieve a body I'm comfortable in for Mexico in November:

  1. Eat clean everyday!
  2. Complete every workout in Focus T25 (I start on September 2)
  3. Run 10 miles a week.
  4. Spend more quality time with my family.
  5. Prepare lunches and clothing  for the kids the night before.

You might think that my last two goals aren't quite fitness related, but trust me, they are!  I will often find myself skipping my workouts because I feel that my family is deprived of my attention.  I also tire myself out so much by rushing around in the mornings to get the kids ready for school that when it comes to workout time, I just want to sleep instead.

I'm hoping my motivation and determination will present itself after a couple of workouts.  Right now I'm forcing myself to do this.  I know that after a good week or two of getting back on track, I'll start feeling better and want to do better.

Now, enough of the excuses and let's just get it done.


  1. HAHAHA You're awesome Britney. Thanks for the compliments, but trust me it's not a walk in the park lol. However, the idea of prancing around in a tiny bikini on 4+" heels in front of like 400 people is a LOT scarier when I am not giving my comp prep 100%. Goals with an expiry date are the only way I can really stick to my plan :) You'll get there! You've got a goal with a deadline and "rules" that are 100% in your control. You'll rock this shit!

  2. Your goals sound a lot like mine!!! I'm hoping to be able to get my act together ASAP!




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