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How Eggs-actly am I supposed to eat this?!

I'm trying to find some new recipes for my morning requirement of eggs.  It's been less than two weeks on the new nutrition plan and I am SO sick of them.  I'm not an egg fan to begin with as the texture has always triggered my gag reflex.  Some days I can handle them, some days I can't handle them at all.  I'm trying to brainstorm a few ideas to try to make my morning breakfast more appealing.

What I should be eating in the mornings (according to the nutrition plan prescribed for me):

1 whole egg
1/2 c. egg whites
1 slice of Sprouted Grain Bread

Reasons I should be eating this:

-Eggs are good for you.  Here's why:
  • they contain Vitamins A, D and E.  Since we live in a country where winter never ends (that's an exaggeration), I could definitely benefit from the Vitamin D.  Apparently, Vitamin D is not found in very many foods and therefore I should eat the eggs.
  • they are a good source of protein, meaning I can use them to avoid protein powder (I'll write on this later)
  • they will increase testosterone levels which will assist in my endeavor to become a man.  Don't stop reading, I'm totally kidding!  Because eggs are higher in cholesterol and saturated fats, they increase testosterone production which helps me to build muscle (hopefully not facial hair though.....)
-Because Caitlyn (the trainer) put them on my nutrition plan.

In my research about eggs I came across some pretty crazy headlines.  From "Eggs: The truth about the cholesterol myth" to "Egg yolks are almost as dangerous as smoking" (Seriously?  Be serious now)

I'm not interested in getting into the debate of whether or not humans should be consuming eggs.  Science is forever changing and I'm certain that they're are several valid arguments to support each side.  My only request: do your research.  Please don't believe everything that you hear and see on TV.  Research not only the science behind your nutrition, but the actual proof that stands behind the statements that you lean towards believing.  Does it make more sense to you to eat something natural, or something processed in so many different ways that we're not really sure what it even is (ie. whatever "egg substitute product" is)?  

Back to my point now:  Eggs.  I need to eat them. I need to not hate them.  So here are some ideas that I'm going to try (I don't have recipes for anything and will be making them up because I'm awesome):

-Egg Scrambles with veggies
-Egg Muffins (like a scramble, but baked in muffin tins and ready to grab from the fridge)
-Spinach and mushroom omelettes
-Egg and Sprouted Grain Bread Sandwich

Anyone have any other thoughts?  I'm intrigued by this Egg Muffin idea.  I'll let you know how that one goes!

Please feel free to comment with some other ideas to try!

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