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Certainly you all remember sweet little Penelope.  My adorable little drunk kitten?

Perhaps she started out too young...

Well, apparently, Penelope has reached all new levels of drunkeness and is passing out in rather inappropriate places.  I have found her in my towel drawer and on the printer.  She's constantly on random shelves, in the bathtub, and sometimes can only make it halfway up the stairs to her cat house.  

But these new antics of hers?  Well, things are getting a little bit ridiculous.  

Yesterday, while sitting at my dining room table having a coffee, I watched Penelope pass out on the sidewalk.  This was not unusual behavior.  Sometimes it's hard to make it all the way home and one just needs a little rest.  But yesterday.....yesterday Penelope clearly had over done it.  An elderly gentleman was out for his daily stroll with his walker and came to a stop right in front of my house.  I look out to see what the problem was and it seemed that something was in his way: Penelope.  He tried to proceed in hopes that she would relocate her feline self, but had no such luck.  He tried gently coaxing her to move, and then he tried raising his voice.  And then...then he gave up and ran into her.  That's right, he ran into my cat.  I couldn't help but laugh as I watched the confusion on his face and heard the oh so appropriate words "well, I never" come from him.  He put the brakes on his walker and slowly moved around it to pick up Penelope.  I expected him to just throw her towards our door as an act of kindness to help her home, but instead he placed her on the seat of his walker and then carried on with his stroll.  I'm not too sure how far Penelope made it before she realized that she was moving further from home, but I found her back in her drunk position only a few minutes later.

Which way is home?

And...passed out again.

Later on the evening while my husband and I were out doing some yard work, we heard a truck honking on the street.  I went to see what was going on, and there was Penelope, yet again, passed out on the street.  I had to walk over and pick her up so the truck could proceed.  Seriously, how is this cat still alive????


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