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WOW!  What a week it has been!  I started a new job at a bank.  I never thought I'd be working at a bank, but I'm absolutely loving it.  It's funny how I will always say that I hate people and despise the general public, but then I go and become employed at places that require me to work with them.....and I love it.  I loved my last job which was an admin assistant position, even though I hate the phone and don't like talking to people.  And I love this job, even though I hate people and don't like working with others.  Ha!

It feels great to be back to work.  It feels great to have a routine and purpose again.  As much as I longed to be a home body, it's not for me I guess.  I'm only working part time so I will still have ample time for doing absolutely nothing while binge watching Netflix running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The hours are great and I won't be gone long enough for anyone to really miss me around here.  Except for Penelope.  She&…

Another Spork Post.

I'm trying really hard not to kill my husband in his sleep.  Every night I get ripped out of my dreams to the sounds of chainsaws and bloody massacres, only to come to and realize that all of this violence is coming from my husband's breathing orifices.  Oh the sounds......the SOUNDS.
The spork-man has always snored.  I think most men do.  But I've always been able to subtly threaten his life and nudge his liver with my elbow to make him stop.  It's not stopping.  It never stops now.  I've nudged and kicked and yelled.  I'm becoming a night time screaming maniac.  I wake up and contemplate my own suicide.  I try sleeping with ear plugs, but the orifice sounds penetrate the mattress and I'm, again, ripped out of my dreams by a what seems to be a level 5 earthquake.
Tequila should help.  And a spork.

Visiting Crazy Creek Falls, BC. (yeah, the post is a little late...)

(Since I've been completely out of touch for quite a long while, my next few posts are going to involve some of the highlights and awesomeness that have happened in the past little while.)

Last summer was something of a whirlwind!!  We were all over the place and made a few trips to BC.  Some for good news, some for bad.  However, we always make it a point to make sure that regardless of what the trip is for, it is enjoyable and memorable for our children.  Here are a few pics from our visit to Crazy Creek Falls, BC on our way home from a (very sad) funeral in Kamloops, BC.

Check out the bonus photo at the bottom of this post!!

Crazy Creek Falls, BC.
The falls were absolutely beautiful!  The hike to them wasn't too much for the kids at all!