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Just Breathe.

This is my absolute most favorite quote in the world.  I actually intend on getting the word breathe tattooed on the inside of my left wrist.  I'd like it there to remind me that no matter how tough life can get, you will always get through it if you just breathe.


Though I might not actually be inebriated, it could have happened oh so easily today.  Loving the warm sun and air that summer is bringing our way, and beers on the back deck (while we plan our new deck!)


My husband and I had an interesting conversation the other day while discussing purchasing a new vehicle.  I've been wanting this vehicle for quite some time, but the rational, budget side of me says to wait.  He, on the other hand, feels that I need it now.  I already have a vehicle.  It runs and it's not actually that old.  He feels that I should get what I "want".  He eventually asked me if owning this vehicle would make me happy and I said no.  I immediately saw the look of confusion on his face so I added my reasoning; owning this vehicle would make me feel happiness, but it would not make me happy.

Furious 7.

I'm not a movie person.  They don't generally excite me and I find it to be a rather large waste of time to park myself in front of a screen for 2-3 hours at a time.  Usually, I will wait until a movie comes out on DVD or even Netflix before I will watch it.  And, even then, I won't generally watch it without getting up a time or two to change loads of laundry or make something to eat.  However, there is one movie that we just had to go and see in the theatre...
The Fast and Furious movies have been a part of our family from day one.  These are the movies that our kids have been raised on.  Anytime a Fast and Furious movie is on TV, we have to watch it.  Even though we've seen it a hundred times and know each line word for word.  So it wasn't a big surprise that we made it a point to visit the theatre to watch Furious 7.  This movie was a great experience for us and our boys.  It had the fast cars, the intensity, the unnecessary girl fight, the fight that never ende…


The definition of eagre is the sudden rise of tide in a river.  Did you know that?  I did not know that until I hit up Google for an "E" topic that was not "Easter".  This was the first word on the List of unusual words beginning with E, and I was rather entertained that it appealed to me.  Perhaps because I can relate to it.  I relate to the suddenness of the development of emotions.  Most of the time, not good emotions.  Anger, frustration, and hatred can come pouring out of me to what seems extremely random to others around me.  

I have triggers.  Certain things that will completely change my moods: snoring, heavy metal/screaming music, kids fighting, and monotone speaking.  These are the 4 main things that will turn me from "pleasant to be around" to "don't eve f***ing talk to me".  Currently, my husband's snoring is destroying my life.  I wake from a peaceful and pleasant somber to finding myself flailing my arms in search of a weapo…


I've become somewhat of a Do It Yourself-er in our move to our super small house.  I wanted to try out some creativity and put some of my pinning efforts to work!  Here's a few of my DIY projects:

A great friend and I made the headboard out of spruce 1x4s. The side tables were re-purposed from store display bins. I made the mirror art from a chipped mirror and the left over  wood from the headboard and side tables

This is the bed that my husband and I made to fit in  one of the nooks in our attic bedroom.

Hubby and I made the shelves above and below the TV, and I  made the shelf that looks like it's hanging from rope below the heart mirror.

I'm falling more and more in love with our tiny little house!


I think one of the nicest things that anyone could say to me is to compliment me on my confidence.  I really had to learn how to be confident in myself and present myself as a strong individual.  If you ask my mother, she will tell you how headstrong I was as a child and teenager, and how nobody messed with me.  But that is completely untrue.  I was so shy, so self conscious, and so weak while growing up.  I was petrified of what others thought of me.  I would avoid situations and felt so incredibly awkward while trying to "fit in".  I allowed myself to be pushed around found myself in situations that I didn't want to be in.  Even as a young adult and a newlywed, I still felt so uncomfortable in my skin.  Once I became a mother, I still felt that need to fit in.  Was I doing the parenting right?  Was my child "normal"?  What did others think of me?  And then one day, it all changed.

Beer Shot

On my quest to become a part of our new community, I had decided to take up bowling.  Yep. Bowling.  I have to admit that I was rather nervous to join a league.  I wasn't very good (and am still not) and I was worried that I would bring my team's score down.  Turns out....nobody cares.  Some people care about their personal score, but nobody is there to judge and I've been having a really great time.
My husband and I joined a Scotch Doubles tournament a few weekends back.  That's where you both bowl as if you're one player, taking turns throwing each ball in one turn.  Well, we sort of sucked...or so we thought, cause we actually came in 4th place and won $80!  
Something happened during this tournament though.  Something that I will never ever forget and will probably never ever be able to do again. a beer shot!!  A beer shot is when you knock the 3 pins down (the two on each side of the headpin/front pin) and then knock the rest down in one turn.  It…


Heeeeeeeeeyyyy!  It's April 1st and you know what that means!  A-Z Challenge is in full swing!  If you've clicked on my A-Z Challenge page, you'll know that I'm being totally conceited and writing all about myself this challenge.  Why?  Cause it's my blog!  

There are several aspects to my life that make me happy and give me comfort.  Things I enjoy, people I love, and so many memories to reminisce over.  But there is one thing that can truly relax and rejuvenate me. Something that can bring me back to life and reset my happiness.  That thing is an adventure.
My adventures aren't extreme.  They aren't expensive and they aren't generally too planned.  They come out of nowhere and bring so much peace and excitement.  From something as major as a visiting a new city to simply taking a different way home to volunteering to head a community project, the new and excitement keeps me going and revives me.
I wouldn't say that I get bored quickly, but I do li…