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The definition of eagre is the sudden rise of tide in a river.  Did you know that?  I did not know that until I hit up Google for an "E" topic that was not "Easter".  This was the first word on the List of unusual words beginning with E, and I was rather entertained that it appealed to me.  Perhaps because I can relate to it.  I relate to the suddenness of the development of emotions.  Most of the time, not good emotions.  Anger, frustration, and hatred can come pouring out of me to what seems extremely random to others around me.  

I have triggers.  Certain things that will completely change my moods: snoring, heavy metal/screaming music, kids fighting, and monotone speaking.  These are the 4 main things that will turn me from "pleasant to be around" to "don't eve f***ing talk to me".  Currently, my husband's snoring is destroying my life.  I wake from a peaceful and pleasant somber to finding myself flailing my arms in search of a weapon to stab his larynx with.  I wrote about this recently in Another Spork Post.  I'm trying to find humor in it.  It's just not funny.  At all.

So I try to find things to turn my moods around.  To settle my eagre, shall we say.  It's the oddest things that will do that.  Most would think wine and tequila helps me, but they're wrong.  It's coffee.  Coffee makes me happy and literally all warm inside.  It's even better when it's in this mug:


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Drunken Jenga

My husband and I are avid game players, as well as avid drinkers.  What could possibly be better than turning Jenga into a drinking game?

Making the game takes a little bit of time.  Each block needs an instruction.  The rules below allow for 3 blocks of each rule, with 3 blank blocks.  You can leave the last 3 blank, pick your 3 favorite rules to use again, or make up 3 completely random rules!  Try to use a permanent pen that doesn't bleed too much.  Write in large block letters.  Once you have the blocks all written out, you're ready for Drunken Jenga! 

Rules of Drunken Jenga


Boo!  I'm back.  
I've been a little MIA.  My stupid depression hit crazy hard this summer and it took me quite a while to get it under control.  I'm finally getting my shit together after figuring out a few things that I need to do to simplify some of the things in my life.  Things are going much better now!  I have a few appointments coming up to help determine what I can do to get this under control more long term.  Oh....the battle....
So, one of the things that I decided to do make life simpler was to only focus on this one blog: The Drunk Runner.  I really don't have the time or desire anymore to have 4 different blogs running with 4 different topics, so now you're going to get them all here!  Yay for you!  Most of my content on my other "blogs" is rather pointless and contains a lot of venting, but some of them are rather funny.  While going through them, I came across this and thought I would share it with you.  I had started a blog to rant about my…

Positivity, People.

Yesterday, a fitness account that I follow on Twitter posted this picture and I had retweeted it.  I've seen this picture a few times before and I really didn't think too much of it until I noticed today that a friend of mine had commented on it.  Her reply was "Nice use of shaming. I give it an A plus in ignorance. Working out does not always equal being fit and vice versa."  Based on this comment, I started a couple heated discussion in regards to this picture and the message that it is suggesting.To me, this picture says “ if you aren’t willing to put in the effort, then you don’t deserve the results” (which I believe to be 100% true), but to others it seems to have a much more negative message.